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Quantum Optics Seminar by Sanli Faez

The strong coupling of quantum emitters to propagating photons is a powerful alternative to cavity-QED for engineering complex quantum systems [1, 2]. An increasing number of theoretical studies have considered the coupling of emitters to guided modes and have pointed out intriguing phenomena such as multi-photon bound states [3], photon sorting [4], spin-charge separation and the possibility of creating a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid of photons [5]. 

We report on experiments, where photons in a single-mode optical fiber are coupled to organic molecules placed in the fiber core. By performing the measurements at temperatures below 2 Kelvin, we eliminate all dephasing processes and achieve lifetime-limited molecular transitions. This results in a very large cross-section for the quantum emitter and an efficient coupling to the optical mode as high as three percent, comparable with resonant cold atoms coupled to nano-fibers [6]. We present the details of our experimental approach and results on the coherent coupling of single molecules to the fiber mode. Furthermore, we discuss plans for exploiting the high optical densities accessible in our system to study quantum transport. 

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