Mid-term Colloquium by Ivan Iakoupov – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Mid-term Colloquium by Ivan Iakoupov

A controlled two qubit gate (such as the controlled phase gate) is an essential component in a quantum computer. This midterm colloquium will focus on the idea of making a controlled phase gate by using a particular atomic ensemble coupled to a quantum light field. I shall discuss an effective theory that describes such an atomic ensemble, and how it predicts the evolution of the photon wavepackets that is suitable to make a phase gate in this system. 

The effective theory essentially reduces the dynamics to a non-linear Schrödinger equation for the wavepackets. There's some doubt whether all the approximations used to derive it are fulfilled in practice.

Hence I shall also discuss an attempt to make a more complete theory of light-matter interaction in the atomic ensembles.