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Sub-compartmentalized Systems toward Therapeutic Cell Mimics

The assembly of multicompartment systems with a structure remindful of that of a biological cell is currently an emerging area of research that aims to create simplified synthetic cells. Artificial cells or synthetic cell mimics are envisioned to be an efficient tool with potential applications in the fields of drug delivery, (bio)sensing, encapsulated (bio)catalysis, (bio)technology, and diagnostics. However, for the advanced design of artificial cell mimics, to perform triggered, spatially separated, encapsulated (enzymatic cascade) reactions, compartmentalization is essential.

However, to date, the field is still in its infancy and only few systems, which combine both an advanced assembly and functionality, have been reported. We recently pioneered capsosomes, a dual composition system which consists on the combination of two inherently distinct systems: liposomes within a polymeric carrier capsule. Advanced assembly from control over number and position of the subunits, permeability, degradability, and cargo encapsulation and retention has been demonstrated. Further, the functionality of this platform has been shown by performing trigger-induced encapsulated enzymatic catalysis. The absence of inherent cytotoxicity makes capsosomes a promising approach for biomedical applications.

Talk by Dr. Leticia Hosta-Rigau