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Towards simulating NRas in a realistic plasma membrane

Coarse-grained molecular dynamics has been successfully used to study how different proteins interact with simple lipid bilayers. In this seminar we shall describe how we have developed coarse-grained models of asymmetric lipid bilayers that include both saturated and unsaturated lipids, glycolipids such as GM3 and cholesterol. GM3 is observed to cluster into nano-domains and cholesterol flips between the different layers.  As a test of these large, complex bilayers (16k-54k lipids) we shall examine the motion of the transmembrane part of the gp130 cytokine receptor before investigating how NRas interacts with lipid bilayers containing ordered and disordered patches. Removing the palmitoyl tail of NRas reduces the ability of the protein to bind the bilayer. Removing the G-domain appears to improve the association with the bilayer. Finally we shall examine some preliminary simulations looking at whether tNRas prefers regions of high or low or positive or negative curvative.

Talk by: Heidi Koldsø and Philip Fowler, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford