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HET journal club by Niels Obers (NBI)

Exotic Branes in String Theory

Based on the paper arXiv:1209.6056. Abstract: Besides the familiar D-branes, string theory contains a vast number of other non-perturbative objects. While a complete classification is lacking, many of these objects are related to each other through various dualities. Codimension two objects play a special role, because their charges are no longer additive but are instead expressed in terms of holonomies of scalar fields, which is given by an element of the relevant duality group. In this paper we present a detailed exposition of these "exotic" objects, the charges they carry, and their connection to non-geometric compactifications. Despite the name "exotic branes," these objects are in fact ubiquitous in string theory, as they can automatically appear when describing bound states of conventional branes, and as such may be of particular importance in describing the microscopic degrees of freedom of black holes.