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X-Ray optics for astrophysics applications

Significant advances in observational astronomy is always facilitated by the development of novel instrumentation. One important examples of this is the ability to focus and image electromagnetic radiation onto small pixellated detectors.In the X-ray band this must necessarily be done on space based satellites and the focusing optics for previous missions in this energy band(up to 10 keV) has relied on grazing incidence total external reflection from many nested mirrors. Recent developments and studies of more complex multilayer broad band reflectors has enabled the realization of mirrors which can focus and image X-rays to much higher energies(up to 80 keV) on a satellite platform. In the talk I will present this development and describe how it is applied on the recently launched NASA NuSTAR satellite where a 100 fold increase in sensitivity is achieved over previous missions in this energy band and therefore essentially opening a new window on the high energy universe.

Talk by Finn Erland Christensen