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Talk by Camilla S. Andresen, GEUS

Using sediment archives from glacial fjords to reconstruct past glacier and ocean variability

Since major outlet glaciers on Greenland started to accelerate, thin and retreat in the early 2000s, the causes and significance of this change has been debated, however, it is widely believed that the combined effects of surface and submarine melting and loss of buttressing ice mélange play a significant role.  The understanding of the climatic influence on outlet glacier behaviour is hampered by the short time span for which satellite observations of glacier changes and instrumental records of ocean variability exist. The purpose of the SEDIMICE project ('linking sediments with ice sheet retreat') is to extend the glacier and ocean changes back in time by analysing sediment cores obtained from the fjords into which the outlet glaciers terminate and thus leave sedimentary traces from icebergs and melt water. Specifically, cores from Ikeq, Sermilik and Kangerdlugssuaq Fjords are investigated and in this presentation some studies from Sermilik Fjord are presented. The investigated time span covers the last c. 1000 years and thus shed light on oceanographic conditions during and after the LIA and the concordant outlet glacier behaviour.