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Quantum Optics Seminar by Yimin Wang

Strong interaction between atoms and propagating light is important in quantum information processing, and remains as a current experimental challenge. First, we consider the interaction of a single two-level atom with quantized light pulses propagating in free space. We show the dependence of the atomic excitation on (i) the state of the pulse and (ii) the overlap between the pulse waveform and the atomic dipole pattern. A detailed study of atomic excitation with both n-photon Fock state and coherent state pulses in various temporal shapes is presented.  Moreover, we show the experimental demonstration of the pulse shape effect on single Rubidium excitation.  Second, we propose a quantum memory setup based on a single atom in a half cavity with a moving mirror. We show that various shapes of incident photon can be efficiently stored and readout by shaping the time-dependent atom-pulse coupling. We present how the storage efficiency depends on pulse bandwidth and discuss the experimental implementations with a single atom/ion in a half cavity and a superconducting qubit in circuit QED.