Quantum Optics seminar by Shuntaro TAKEDA – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Quantum Optics seminar by Shuntaro TAKEDA

There are two complementary approaches in optical quantum information processing: discrete-variables (DVs) and continuous-variables (CVs). DV experiments are based on single-photon-based qubits. However, due to inefficient generation and imperfect detection of qubits, most of the experiments are probabilistic and require post-selection. In contrast, CV experiments rely on the wave nature of light. They can be performed deterministically via highly-efficient homodyne detection, though the fidelity of operations is relatively low. Recently, there has emerged a "hybrid" approach to combine both techniques to circumvent the current limitations. One striking example is quantum teleportation of qubits with a CV teleporter. The big advantage of this hybrid scheme is determinism coming from CV teleportation. In this talk, I will present our latest results of the "hybrid teleportation" experiment.