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Quantum Optics Seminar by Inah Yeo

Title: A single QD in a photonic wire Inah Yeo, CNRS Grenoble

Efficient nanophotonic devices like single photon sources require to funnel a large fraction of the spontaneous emission of a single emitter into a single mode of the electromagnetic field. This situation offers an ideal platform for quantum optics and quantum information processing experiments. Our goal is to realize a "1D atom", that is a two-level system coupled to a single spatial mode using photonic semiconducting nanowires embedding a single quantum dot. Miniaturization of photonic devices to tailor the light-matter coupling, however, leads to large surface to volume ratios, which
enhances the surface effect. In this presentation I will present results showing how surface effects affect the emission properties of semiconducting nanowires.

The second part of the presentation will deal with the opto-mechanical properties of these photonic wires, taking advantage of the large stress induced coupling between the wire mechanical oscillation and the energy of the excitonic transition. We have recently observed a photoluminescence energy oscillation with an amplitude of more than 0.5 meV when the wire is oscillating in its first flexure mode at a mechanical resonance frequency of 600 kHz.