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Midterm Colloquium by Mads Sørensen

Super Nova in the solar neighbourhood during the last 50 Myr based on open clusters

Observations of 218 open clusters for which, their position, distance, proper motion, and radial velocity are used to calculate trajectories 50 Myr back in time using a galactic potential. The published age and mass give the number of stars of an open cluster. Via a relation between the number of stars in a cluster and its life expectancy, the initial mass of the cluster can be calculated. The estimated initial mass of the cluster is used together with an Initial Mass Function (IMF) to estimate the number and mass of Super Nova Progenitors in the cluster. These progenitors together with their lifetime expectancy is then used with the aid of the trajectories to estimate the probable time and distance from the Solar system. Combining the results from all the clusters a spatial and temporal probability distribution of SN during the last 50 Myr has been calculated.

Supervisors: Uffe Gråe Jørgensen, NBI og Henrik Svensmark, DTU-Space