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Midterm Colloquium by Majbritt W. Sørensen

Evaluation of the 20th Century Reanalysis Project for Greenland


Reanalysis datasets have for some years been a widely used tool for analyzing global weather patterns and their effect on and correlation with other proxy parameters back in time. ERA-40 and NCEP-DOE Reanalysis are examples of two well renowned and widely verified datasets that currently aid scientists globally. But recently a new dataset, called the 20th Century Reanalysis Project (20CR), has been developed. It assimilates surface pressure reports and uses observed sea-ice distributions and monthly sea-surface temperatures as boundary conditions, and produces a large variety of different parameters such as surface temperature, relative and specific humidity, geopotential heights, zonal and meridional wind and 24 pressure levels at a spatial resolution of 2x2 degrees and a temporal resolution of 6 hours. The datasets has been verified on a global scale and performs satisfactory in general. But is the same true for the arctic areas, and Greenland specifically? A short presentation of the 20CR will be given and a correlation analysis for temperature and precipitation along the Greenland coast as well as for the entire Greenland area will be presented. Hopefully the outcome will prove the 20CR to be useful in these areas as well and thus provide scientists with reanalysis data reaching as far back as 1871.

Supervisor: Bo Vinther