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Bogoliubov-de Gennes studies of Fe-based superconductors

The recent discovery of superconductivity in the Fe-based compounds has led to thousands of publications on this subject over the last four years. These compounds are the second-highest-temperature superconducting material family known to date. In this work, we built a real-space five-orbital Hubbard model relevant to the Fe-based supercon- ductors. A correct stripe-type antiferromagnetic order is found for the parent compound. Moreover, the model reproduces a reasonable phase diagram of the mean fields against doping. In the single-impurity problem, local orbital ordering, in-gap bound states and magnetization are induced around the potential. Finally, we include the effective pairing couplings calculated within the spin fluctuation theory, and find realistic gap structures and impurity bound states than can be directly compared to STM measurements.

Master thesis by Maria Navarro Gastiasoro