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Master Thesis defense by Livia Kathleen Kother

A magnetotelluric study around Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland 
I will present the results of an electromagnetic investigation which was performed in August 2010 in Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland. Five stations were located along a 40km long profile and measured the natural time varying electric field variations. In addition, natural magnetic field variation measurements have been collected at two of these stations. Transfer functions between the electric and magnetic components are estimated for periods between 10 and 6250 seconds and for magnetic undisturbed days, which reveal information about the subsurface conductivity structure down to a depth of about 200km. 1D inversion and 2D forward models of the conductivity structure were calculated in order to explain the measurements. The results of the final 2D subsurface model are compared to other magnetotelluric studies from neighbouring areas.

Supervisors: Nils Olsen (NBI, DTU Space), Andreas Junge (Goethe University Frankfurt a.M), Jürgen Matzka (DTU Space)