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Master Thesis defense by Nynne Louise Berthou Lauritsen

Contribution to improve the gravitational modelling methods

In this thesis, contributions to improve gravitational modelling are presented. The objective is to produce a realistic and intuitive description of the gravitational sur- face signal, where a realistic detailed density distribution can be included. This is achieved through the use of integration of the contributions from the subsurface rather than summation. The difference between the two methods is discussed.

The focus is on the practical part, the production of the gravitational surface signals, and how they can be parameterized in order to produce a description of integrable functions. Thus, it will be possible to include a complex density function. The de- scriptions are constructed from parameterization of the gravitational signals. These parameters, α and β, contribute with new information regarding how the shallow sources contribute more to some components of the gravity signal than the deep sources. This information gives a possibility to separate the contributions from each other, and this is useful when constructing a model of the subsurface.

Internal supervisor: Carl Christian Tscherning, Niels Bohr Institute
External supervisor: Gabriel Strykowsky, DTU-Space