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Master thesis defense by Sepideh Sadat Hakim

Interaction of Organic Compounds with Calcite and Quartz Surfaces - Using X-ray Surface Scattering and X-ray Reflectivity  

Calcite forms 98% of chalk and quartz is the main component of sandstone and these rocks form the most important oil reservoirs and aquifers for drinking water. Therefore calcite and quartz surfaces are interesting as model systems for investigating surface properties. Observation of these minerals can lead to enhancements in knowledge about the flow properties in oil extraction processes.

In this thesis X-ray Surface Diffraction and X-ray Reflectivity were used as two surface probe techniques to investigate surface characterizations of calcite {104} and quartz {100} surfaces treated with different organic compounds as simple model systems for oil.

Crystal truncation rods (CTR's) were measured for Calcite {104} surfaces cleaved in methanol and isopropanol. The experimental data have been compared with calculated CTR models to interpret the surface structures.

During this project, the different factors in setting up the sample environment, controlled atmosphere and sample preparation have been examined. The knowledge achieved during this project can hopefully be the bases for the future work in nano-geoscience and for in-situ rock-fluid interface studies.

Master thesis defense by Sepideh Sadat Hakim