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PhD Part A exam by Ia Kochiashvili

Ia Kochiasvili will have her PhD Part A exam on Thursday, 01 November @ 16.30 in the DARK Lounge

Title: On the Nature of emission-line galaxies in the redshift range of 0.6 - 2

Abstract:  Since Hubble resolved galaxies as distant objects containing hundreds of billions of stars their study started and it became very intense very soon. We are currently witnessing a very fruitful epoch in the study of galaxies where we seem to be close to finding the epoch of first galaxy formation in the Universe. The study went through a revolution in the past decades with new telescopes and facilities. We reach incredible depths in detecting young galaxies - sources that will give us hint on how to answer main questions - how did galaxies form? How do they evolve into the ones that we see today? In the thesis I work on the study of relatively nearby emission-line galaxies (z = 0.6 − 2) from the perspective of ”interlopers”, those that we detect while searching for z < 7 Lyman-α emitters.