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Theoretical High Energy Seminar

Speaker: Blaise Rollier (NBI)

Title: Towards Schrödinger Holography


It has been pointed out that holographic techniques might be used to study some strongly coupled condensed matter systems. Driven by these potential applications emerged the need to understand holography in an extended framework where the Anti-deSitter space is replaced by a Schrödinger (or a Lifshitz) space-time. A cornerstone of defining a proper Schrödinger holography is to be able to perform holographic renormalization. This is still an open problem for a Schrödinger space. The talk will consist in an introduction to some geometrical proprieties of the Schrödinger space-time and a quick (non-technical) review of the notions of boundary, Fefferman-Graham expensions and holographic renormalisation in AdS. The material introduced will then serve as a basis to understand some of the recent progresses we made in extending these concepts to Schrödinger space-times.