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Talk by Aidan Chatwin-Davies (Waterloo) - HET journal club

A fully-covariant natural ultraviolet cutoff in inflationary cosmology

The effects that quantum gravity-motivated natural UV cutoffs at the Planck scale have on inflationary predictions for the CMB have garnered much interest in the literature. These studies have so far been mostly confined to UV cutoffs that are locally Lorentz symmetry-breaking. Here, we propose a locally Lorentz covariant approach which takes the form of a cutoff on the local density of dynamical degrees of freedom of the field theory. This cutoff thus has an intuitive information theoretic interpretation. We are studying the type and magnitude of possible signatures that this covariant cutoff would have in the CMB. The techniques we employ tie in naturally with recent results in spectral geometry that showed that spacetime could be simultaneously continuous and discrete in the same way that information can be.