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Talk by Chandrasekhar Chatterjee (Chennai) - HET journal club

Integrating topological degrees of freedom with perturbation theory: YM_3

Polyakov has demonstrated that a monopole plasma gives confinement in Georgi Glashow model in three Euclidean dimension. However his semiclassical techniques are not applicable for pure YM_3. Even though the gauge potential ansatz of 't Hooft Polyakov monopole has a finite action in YM_3, it is not a stable classical solution, indeed, larger the `size' smaller the action.

We develop techniques for summing over such large overlapping monopole configurations. This is based on

i) characterizing the configurations using eigenfunctions of B_i(x)\cdot B_j(x)

ii) obtaining a two potential formalism for Yang Mills theory.

These techniques provide a way for combining renormalized perturbation theory and asymptotic freedom with confining effects of fluctuations of topological significance.