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Talk by Yasuhiro Sekino (KEK) - HET journal club

FRW/CFT duality: A holographic framework for eternal inflation

I will talk about two topics in eternal inflation. In eternal inflation, bubbles of true vacuum form in an eternally-inflating false vacuum. Understanding of this phenomenon will be necessary in order to find physical consequences of the string landscape. In the first part of the talk, I will point out that there are three phases of eternal inflation, characterized by the existence of percolating structures of bubbles. Cosmology inside the cluster of bubbles is qualitatively different depending on the phase. In the second part of the talk, I will talk about our proposal for holographic dual description for eternal inflation. The dual theory is a CFT defined on S^2 at the spatial boundary of the universe in the bubble. Correlation functions in the universe can be interpreted as CFT correlators.

References: arXiv:1003.1347, 0908.3844, 0807.1947, hep-th/0606204.