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Talk by Jelle Hartong (NBI) - HET journal club

Holographic Renormalization for Asymptotically Lifshitz Space-Times

In the recent years there has been a development known as the AdS/condensed matter (CMT) correspondence in which certain condensed matter systems that behave effectively like a strongly coupled CFT near some quantum critical point are believed to be in the same universality class as some gauge theory that can studied using holographic techniques. Often however near some quantum critical point one does not encounter a CFT but rather a field theory that is scale invariant with respect to non-relativistic dilatations. Such theories are known as Lifshitz field theories. The goal is to find a holographic correspondence to study such theories at strong coupling. One can think of Lifshitz holography as a deformation of the AdS/CFT correspondence in which an asymptotically AdS space-time is replaced by an asymptotically Lifshitz space-time.

Certain asymptotically Lifshitz space-times can be obtained by dimensional reduction of a class of asymptotically AdS space-times. This can be used to obtain Fefferman-Graham expansions and to perform holographic renormalization for asymptotically Lifshitz space-times. In the first half of the talk I will review the Fefferman-Graham construction and holographic renormalization for asymptotically AdS space-times and in the second half I will discuss what we know so far about the asymptotically Lifshitz case.