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HET journal club by Mariano Chernicoff (Cambridge)

Quarkonium dissociation by anisotropy in a strongly coupled CFT

We compute the screening length for heavy mesons moving through an anisotropic, strongly coupled N=4 super Yang-Mills plasma by means of its gravity dual. We present the results for arbitrary velocities and orientations of the mesons, as well as for arbitrary values of the anisotropy. For generic motion we find that: (i) mesons dissociate above a certain critical value of the anisotropy, even at zero temperature; (ii) there is a limiting velocity for mesons in the plasma, even at zero temperature; (iii) in the ultra-relativistic limit the screening length scales as (1-v2)^{1/2}, in contrast with the isotropic result (1-v2)^{1/4}.