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Giant Group Meeting 2012

Program for Giant Group Meeting for Solid State Physicists September 14th 2012

12.45 Poster set up: Sydenden

13.00 Registration in aud 3

13.15 Welcome

Oral session 1: Introductions Chair: Robert Feidenhans'l in Aud 3

13.25 What is solid state physics.  Per Hedegaard

13.45 Introduction to the groups and their work.  Jesper Nygård

14.05 More than just cool stuff.     Lise Arleth

14.30 Coffee and cake

Oral session 2: Appetizers Chair: Kim Lefmann Aud 3

15.00 Majorana particles: From theory to experiment (and possibly applications).  Morten Kjærgaard

15.10 BA project abroad – new environment, new facilities, new possibilities.  Ursula Bengaard Hansen

15.20 Seeing through food.  Mikkel Schou Nielsen

15.30 e--dating with Fe-e-.  Maria Navarro

15.40 Molecular Movies – travelling the world to capture the birth and life of molecules using ultrafast x-rays.  Kristoffer Haldrup

15.50 Qubits in nanowires.   Ferdinand Kuemmeth

16.00 Question

16.10 Introduction to projects and poster sessions. Sonja Holm

16.30 Poster session in Sydenden

Oral session 3: The future Chair: Jesper Nygård Aud 3

17.30 The European Spallation Source.    Ken Andersen

17.50 New Center for Quantum Devices.  Charles Marcus

18.10 Copenhagen Theory Matters.    Jens Paaske

18.30 Group photo


19.00 Dinner Sydenden

21.30 Music and beer AntiKlimaks Sydenden