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Quantum Optics Seminar by Albert Schliesser

Cavity Optomechanics with Whispering-Gallery Mode Microresonators in the Quantum-Coherent Coupling Regime. Albert Schliesser, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Research in Cavity Optomechanics is progressing at a fast pace, and has recently achieved scientific milestones such as ground state cooling of a mechanical oscillator and ponderomotive squeezing of optical fields via radiation-pressure effects. 

In this talk I will present our work in this field, which is based on whispering-gallery mode microresonators. After briefly reviewing the development of the tools and techniques that have enabled us to make a mechanical oscillator occupy the quantum ground state most of the time, I will show how the same approach can be used to induce an effect closely related to EIT known from Atomic Physics in an optomechanical system. For sufficiently strong control fields, this effect allows the transfer of optical excitations into the mechanical device and back; this conversion is quantum coherent if it occurs at a rate faster than all relevant decoherence rates. I will report on our recently accomplished demonstration of the feasibility and opportunities of such a quantum-coherent optomechanical interface.