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Talk by David Ferris, South Dakota State University

WAIS Divide Brittle Ice Chemical Analysis

Early deep ice cores were limited in the information that could be gleaned by limitations in analytical productivity – speed and contamination issues. In addition, ice taken from brittle zones, where air bubble pressure increases leading to multiple fracturing, has posed additional barriers to analysis. Continuous flow analysis (CFA) of ice cores was developed and has evolved to meet the desire to extract more information from this precious ice. Ion chromatography (IC) has proven ideal for the measurement of the types and concentrations of water soluble ions commonly found in ice cores. However, chromatography is a discrete process that does not lend itself well to continuous sample flow. CFA and IC have been merged (CFA-IC) by combining multiple pairs of instruments to a melter and has been used successfully to analyze multiple shallow ice cores.

This talk will discuss how improvements in the system and techniques resulted in the successful analysis of the WAIS Divide brittle ice. Results exhibit clear seasonal cycles for dating which will allow extending the excellent dating precision and accuracy observed in the early parts of the core through the brittle ice.