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Modelling subglacial interactions between ice, water, and sediment

Talk by David L. Egholm, Depart. of Geoscience, Aarhus University

A recently initiated research project at Aarhus University aims at improving computational methods for modellingsubglacial processes related to: i) melt-water modulated stick-slip, ii) subglacialsediment deformation, and iii) subglacial bedrock erosion. It is widely agreed that these processes influence the overall dynamics of glaciers and ice-sheets significantly. However, implementing such processes in large-scale ice sheet models is challenging, partly because the fundamental physics of thesubglacial environment is only poorly understood. For example, the mechanical behavior of water-saturated subglacial sediment is still very much debated.

In this presentation, I will give a general overview of the project with the purpose to exposepotential areas of collaboration. I will also present results from modeling experiments related to subglacial erosion in alpine environments. These results indicate that integrating the flow of ice, sediment, and water in ice-sheet models may be important for understanding long-term feedback between glaciations and topography.