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Quantop Optics Seminar by Dr. V. Zwiller

We have tuned the emission from a single quantum dot to resonance with a rubidium vapor. Using the quantum dot as a source of single photons on demand and the rubidium vapor as a slow light medium, we demonstrated slow non classical light [1].

The complementarity of quantum dots and atomic vapors offers an exciting playground for quantum optics that we'll discuss.Another novel application of nanoscience to optics are superconducting single photon detectors where single photon detection with high efficiency, low noise and high time resolution is made possible with superconducting nanowires.

We will discuss the various schemes that have enabled increasing the detection efficiency to 35 % so far and will mention the road ahead, including on-chip detection of single plasmons, enabling quantum plasmonics experiments [3].
[1] Hybrid semiconductor-atomic interface: slowing down single photons from a quantum dot  Akopian N., Wang L., Rastelli A., Schmidt O. G., Zwiller V. Nature Photonics 230, 5 (2011)
[2] Low noise superconducting single photon detectors on silicon Dorenbos S. N., Reiger E. M., Perinetti U., Zwiller V., Zijlstra T., Klapwijk T. M. Applied Physics Letters 131101, 93 (2008) [3] On-chip single plasmon detection  Heeres R. W., Dorenbos S. N., Koene B., Solomon G. S., Kouwenhoven L. P., Zwiller V.  Nanoletters 661, 10 (2009)