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Midtvejs Kollokvium by Livia Kother

Titel: Geomagnetic Coast Effect

The measurements of abnormally large vertical components of the fluctuating magnetic field along coastlines is a well-known phenomenon defined as the land-side "geomagnetic coast effect". Its discovery reaches back to the second half of the 20th century and have since inspired the work of many scientists, especially in the field of geomagnetic induction and its modelling.

The causes of the geomagnetic coast effect are found in the electromagnetic induction in the Earth' surface layer and the deflection of currents flowing in the ocean due to conductivity contrasts between continents and oceans.

In this midterm colloquium both theoretical and practical investigations of the geomagnetic coast effect will be presented as well as a short insight into the handling of its effects in the analysis of coastal geomagnetic measurements.

Supervisor: Nils Olsen