Mid-term colloquium by Joanna Levinsen – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Mid-term colloquium by Joanna Levinsen

 Title of thesis/ talk:
"Developing a Method for Mapping High-Resolution Surface Elevation Changes of Outlet Glaciers Using Combined Laser Altimeter and Digital Elevation Model Data

Abstract: Maps of surface elevation changes, dz, over rapidly changing outlet glaciers are essential for understanding glacier dynamics and predicting future changes. Due to the large expanse and inaccessibility of polar outlet glaciers, remote sensing methods for obtaining dz are required. Satellite and airborne laser altimetry provide high accuracy, but are spatially limited due to flight and orbit paths. Photogrammetrically derived Digital Elevation Models (DEM) provide high-resolution, continuous surfaces, but errors in satellite-derived DEMs are 1-2 orders of magnitude greater than altimetry.
The methods used when combining altimetry data from ICESat and ATM with SPOT DEMs are the geostatistical interpolation methods kriging and collocation. The application for the Greenland outlet glaciers Jakobshavn and Kangerdlugssuaq is described. Finally the future thesis-work will be discussed.

Advisor: Carl Christian Tscherning, Niels Bohr Institute