Mid-term colloquium by Lars Von Moos – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Mid-term colloquium by Lars Von Moos

The European Spallation Source
A major neutron source facility, the European Spallation Source (ESS), http://ess-scandinavia.eu/, is planned to be build in Lund (Sweden) with the purpose of doing materials research using neutron scattering.

A spallation source produces neutrons by accelerating pulses of protons into a solid target. The impacting protons cause neutrons from the target to be ejected at high energies. These neutrons are then slowed down in a moderator and emitted to the different scientific instruments.

Each different instrument has requirements regarding which neutron wavelengths are useful and what uncertainty can be tolerated. These two factors are controlled by the characteristics of the neutron pulse: how long is every pulse and how often is a pulse emitted. These parameters also control how an instrument is designed, which is important with respect to instrument performance.

In this talk I will describe how instrument design is governed by the pulse parameters and how the instrument performance can be evaluated through computer simulations, using the open-source neutron simulation package McStas (http://www.mcstas.org/).
Supervisors: Kjartan Kinch, Morten Bo Madsen and Kim Lefmann