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Talk by Troels Harmark

Troels Harmark (NORDITA)

Abstract: The subject of this talk is the proposal of a new method to describe D-brane probes in thermal backgrounds. D-brane probes in thermal background have been used extensively in the literature on AdS/CFT and AdS/QCD to argue for various interesting phase transitions in the dual strongly coupling quantum field theory. We argue why the current method using the Dirac-Born-Infeld action cannot be accurate, and propose a new method. We test this by obtaining the thermal generalization of the BIon solution of the DBI action. The BIon solution is a configuration in flat space of a D-brane and a parallel anti-D-brane connected by a wormhole with F-string charge. We find that the finite temperature system behaves qualitatively different than its zero-temperature counterpart. Finally, I will briefly comment on our ongoing research which suggests that our findings can significantly alter the understanding of many of the results found using the DBI method.