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Electronic properties of micro-suspended graphene

Graphene is a very promising material for electronics, particularly due to the high mobilities reported in the literature. Applications as a field eff ect transistor are currently limited by the difficulty in opening a bandgap in graphene: successful strategies typically involve the patterning of graphene (e.g. by etching a super-lattice of holes in the sample), which generally signi cantly lowers the mobility or the highest sustainable current density.
In this work, a new approach for tuning graphene's electrical properties is proposed, namely to pattern the graphene's substrate realizing a partly suspended graphene sample. Computer simulations, fabrication and electrical characterization of such micro-suspended graphene samples are presented: while simulations indicate the strategy to be a valid one, the experimental realization has proven to be challenging. Concerning the samples here fabricated, no bandgap has been observed, but micro-suspended samples show a tendency of having higher mobilities that the completely supported ones.

Master thesis by Luca Pietrobon

Jesper Nygård, NBI - KU
Peter Bøggild, DTU-Nanotech