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Theoretical High Energy Seminar

Speaker: Parthasarathi Majumdar (Saha Institute)

Title: Thermal Stability of Quantum Black Holes

Abstract: I shall start with an idea (somewhat heuristic) I call `Thermal
Holography' and use that to probe the thermal behaviour of quantum horizons,
i.e., without using any classical geometry, but using ordinary statistical
mechanics with Gaussian fluctuations. This approach leads to a criterion for
thermal stability for thermally active horizons with an Isolated horizon as
an equilibrium configuration, whose (microcanonical) entropy has been
computed using Loop Quantum Gravity (I shall outline this computation). As
fiducial checks, we briefly look at some very well-known classical black
hole metrics for their thermal stability and recover known results. Finally,
I shall speculate about a possible link between our stability criterion and
the Chandrasekhar upper bound for the mass of stable neutron stars.