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MSc Defense by Nikolaos Karozis

MSc Defense by Nikolaos Karozis


Title: Black Hole Entropy and 2D Conformal Field Theory - Towards Quantum Gravity


 General relativity, despite providing an elegant and very satisfactory classical description of the gravitational interaction, has left us with several conceptual physical issues. One of them is related to the existence of black hole solutions, and the fact that these seem to be naturally endowed, through the laws of black hole mechanics, with a macroscopic entropy equal to the quarter of the area of their event horizon. It has therefore since then been a challenge for candidates to a quantum theory of gravity to reproduce, from first-principles, this entropy by a counting of microstates. In this thesis we give a review of one such proposal known as the Kerr/CFT correspondence. We also extend the hidden conformal symmetry approach to the case of the five dimensional boosted black string. Furthermore, we conjecture the existence of hidden conformal symmetry in D-dimensional boosted black strings. Finally we make a rather raw calculation on the supersymmetric black ring case where we show that admits a hidden conformal symmetry and compute the microscopic entropy.

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