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Master Thesis defense by Anne Sofie Lansø

Possible changes in atmospheric chemistry caused by increased boreal and arctic fluxes of methane in a future climate
In the future, a possibility exists of carbon being released to the atmosphere in the form of methane from the boreal and Arctic region as permafrost degrade. Methane affects the background concentration of ozone in the troposphere, and high concentrations of ozone near the surface are harmful for humans. The relation between natural methane fluxes of methane and ozone surface concentrations has in this thesis work been investigated through a sensitivity study consisting of computational modeling. The sensitivity study comprises of several changeable parameters that will be altered between present day conditions (year 2000) and future conditions (2100). A connection is detected between the methane fluxes and surface ozone concentrations, but also alterations in climate and anthropogenic emissions have an influence on the future evolvement of surface ozone.

Supervisor: Aksel Walløe Hansen, NBI