Informal cold atoms seminar by Jesper Levinsen – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Informal cold atoms seminar by Jesper Levinsen

Jesper Levinsen, (University of Cambridge)
We show that single-component fermionic polar molecules confined to a 2D geometry and dressed by a microwave field may acquire an attractive 1/r3 dipole-dipole interaction leading to superfluid pairing at sufficiently low temperatures even in the BCS regime. The emerging state is the topological px+ipy phase promising for quantum information processing. The pair-wise interaction of polar molecules is anomalous, and this has important consequences for the critical temperature which may be enhanced through the tuning of the parameters of the microwave field. The main decay channel is through collisional transitions to dressed states with lower energies and is rather slow, setting a lifetime of the order of seconds.