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Master Thesis by Allan Bo Hansen

Title: Coupled Inversion of Cross Borehole Georader and Gravity Measurements

Over the past decade, geophysical methods have become increasingly popular tools for the investigation of hydrogeologic and environmental problems. Based on geophysical data collected during forced infiltration experiments, it is possible to constrain soil parameters.
In this project the feasibility of combining ground penetrating radar and time lapse gravity measurements have been investigated.
This talk presents the findings from a forced infiltration experiment performed at Arrenæs. The field work was carried out in a collaboration between Geo at KU and the Environment department at DTU.
A coupled inversion modeling setup of radar and gravity data will be presented. Here soil water content variations are simulated and subsequently transformed into corresponding time-lapse geophysical signals. I will then be shown how the measured geophysical data can constrain hydrological model parameters.
Inversion results based on synthetic and Arrenæs data will be shown.
The inversion was found only to be sensitive to three of the five van Genuchten hydraulic parameters (Ks, n, θs). Moreover only one of these parameters can be constrained at a time.
Supervisor: Klaus Mosegaard

Title: Coupled Inversion of Cross Borehole Georader and Gravity Measurements