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Talk by Donovan Young (NBI) - HET journal club

Tree-level Recursion Relation and Dual Superconformal Symmetry of the ABJM Theory


The talk is based on the paper Gang et al, arXiv:1012.5032. It will be an informal presentation, and some time will be spent on the basics (e.g. BCFW recursion relation). The abstract of the paper is:

We propose a recursion relation for tree-level scattering amplitudes in three-dimensional Chern-Simons-matter theories. The recursion relation involves a complex deformation of momenta which generalizes the BCFW-deformation used in higher dimensions. Using background field methods, we show that all tree-level superamplitudes of the ABJM theory vanish for large deformations, establishing the validity of the recursion formula. Furthermore, we use the recursion relation to compute six-point and eight-point component amplitudes and match them with independent computations based on Feynman diagrams or the Grassmannian integral formula. As an application of the recursion relation, we prove that all tree-level amplitudes of the ABJM theory have dual superconformal symmetry. Using generalized unitarity methods, we extend this symmetry to the cut-constructible parts of the loop amplitudes.