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Talk by Yuki Sato (Nagoya U/NBI) - HET journal club

Title: n-DBI gravity



n-DBI gravity is a gravitational theory introduced in arXiv:1109.1468[hep-th], motivated by Dirac-Born-Infeld type conformal scalar theoryand designed to yield non-eternal inflation spontaneously. I wouldexplain that any solution of Einstein gravity with a particularcurvature property is a solution of n-DBI gravity. Amongst them is aclass of geometries isometric to Reissner-Nordstrom-(Anti) de Sitterblack hole, which is obtained within the spherically symmetricsolutions of n-DBI gravity minimally coupled to the Maxwell field.References: arXiv:1110.0832 [gr-qc] and arXiv:1109.1468 [hep-th].