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Talk by Ines Aniceto (IST, Lisbon) - HET journal club

Title: The spectrum of String Solitons: Giant Magnons in AdS5 x S5 and AdS4 x CP3


The theory of classical strings in both AdS5×S5 and AdS4×CP3 backgrounds is integrable, and theproblem of finding the spectrum of solutions can be described by a Riemann-Hilbert problem in the so calledalgebraic curve formalism. Of particular interest is the issue of determining the full set of giant magnonsolutions in thesebackgrounds, which are string solutions intimately related to sine-Gordon solitons.

This talk will focus on the use of the Algebraic Curve formalism to study the spectrum of these stringsolitons and their semi-classical properties. Based on arXiv:0903.3365, arXiv:1006.2174, and somemore recent developments (with M.C. Abbott and D.Bombardelli).