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Talk by Lorenzo Seri (SISSA) - HET journal club

In my talk I will present the Matrix Big-Bang models obtained by applying Discrete Light-Cone Quantization to IIA string theory on special plane-wave backgrounds (Singular Homogeneous Plane-Waves). In particular I will focus on the physics of the singularity and I will motivate that, as the singularity is approached, the model reduces to a free field theory with singular time-dependent mass term. I will confront the possibility that a regularisation of the plane-wave profile may lead to a well-defined evolution through the singularity for this theory and I will analyze what issues remain unsolved by this approach. If I  have time, I will comment on why no ambiguity arises from the choice of different coordinate systems for the SHPWs, as one choice is physically preferred, and I will discuss the behaviour of the Matrix Big-Bang model for late times. The talk will be based on arXiv:1003.0620 and on a forthcoming paper by Matthias Blau, Martin O'Loughlin,  Giuseppe Milanesi and Lorenzo Seri.