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Talk by Jan Ambjørn (NBI) - HET journal club

Roaming moduli space using dynamical triangulations, or how I learned to love simplicial cohomology

In critical as well as in non-critical string theory the partition function reduces to an integral over moduli space after integration over matter fields. For non-critical string theory this moduli integrand is known for genus one surfaces. The formalism of dynamical triangulations provides us with a regularization of non-critical string theory. We show how to assign in a simple and geometrical way a moduli parameter to each triangulation. After integrating over possible matter fields we can thus construct the moduli integrand. We show numerically for c=0 and c=-2 non-critical strings that the moduli integrand converges to the known continuum expression when the number of triangles goes to infinity.

Based on arXiv:1110.4649.