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Talk by Andreas Pedersen (NBI) - HET journal club

Blackfolds in supergravity and string theory


The subject of the talk will be how the blackfold formalism, (which is an approach for the construction and analysis of higher-dimensional black holes) can be generalized to a supergravity setting, including those relevant for string theory. I will show how to include p-brane charges in the blackfold approach and explain how a new class charged blackfolds can be constructed and treated using this formalism, employing effective fluids with various types of brane charges. I will discuss the extremal limits of these new blackfolds and show that while some are related to known solutions of the DBI, there are also novel types of brane configurations that are seemingly not captured by the DBI action. The talk will be based on the results of a paper (Emparan, Harmark, Niarchos, Obers) soon to appear.