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Talk by Agnese Bissi (NBI) - HET journal club

From Scattering Amplitudes to the Dilatation Generator in N=4 SYM 


The talk is based on arXiv:1111.0083: The complete spin chain representation of the planar N=4 SYM dilatation generator has long been known at one loop, which involves leading nearest-neighbor 2 -> 2 interactions. In this work we use superconformal symmetry to derive the unique solution for the leading L -> 2 interactions of the planar dilatation generator, for arbitrarily large L. We then propose that these interactions are given by the scattering operator that has N=4 SYM tree-level scattering amplitudes as matrix elements. We provide compelling evidence for this proposal, including explicit checks for L=2,3 and a proof of consistency with superconformal symmetry.