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Talk by Jay Armas (NBI) - HET journal club

Curvature corrections to the Blackfold approach


Abstract: The Blackfold approach is a perturbative method for constructing black hole solutions in any background and space-time dimension. This talk will be based on ongoing work on how to extend the formalism to the next order in the perturbation expansion when backreaction can be neglected. This allows one to state a correspondence between the blackfold equations (of the fluid type) and solutions of Einstein's equations at large space-time dimension. Moreover, as in the case where curvature corrections are ignored and backreaction is taken into account one sees dissipative corrections to the stress-energy tensor (namely viscosity), when curvature corrections are taken into account and backreaction neglected one is able to define a Young Modulus for black hole solutions and thus making a non-trivial link with material science.