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Talk by Hidehiko Shimada (NBIA) - HET journal club

Extraction of colorless degrees of freedom from large-N two-dimensional
Yang-Mills models

I will discuss the papers

S. Rajeev, Int.J.Mod.Phys. A9 (1994) 5583, hep-th/9401115.
P. Bedaque, I. Horvath, S. Rajeev, Mod.Phys.Lett. A7 (1992) 3347, hep-th/9209027.

in which a reformulation of the large-N two-dimensional QCD in terms of colorless (non-local) degrees of freedom is proposed. The reformulated theory in particular reproduces the full tower of meson spectrums. Their claim is that the $1/N$ expansion of the two-dimensional QCD is equivalent to the loop expansion of the reformulated theory.

It seems to me that their method may have applications to  two-dimensional versions of AdS/CFT, such as that proposed by Itzhaki et al (Phys.Rev.D58:046004,1998, hep-th/9802042).

If I have time I also want to mention results in a recent paper,

G. Krishnaswami, J.Phys.A A43 (2010) 395401, arXiv:1005.4942,

about baryons in terms of the reformulated theory.