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Quantum Optics Seminar by Sebastian Gerber

In this talk I'll discuss a variety of fundamental quantum optics experiments performed with individually trapped barium ions interacting with continuous laser light.


In a first experiment an ion was situated in a half cavity system, where a part of the ion's resonance fluorescence was reflected back onto itself and sent to a detector. The detected intensity then corresponded to the first-order coherence of the ion's fluorescence and was obtained for various distances up to a delay time of 29.6 ns.


In a second experiment the first successful measurement of an intensity-field correlation function on a single-atom single-photon basis was measured. This correlation function revealed the time evolution of the source-field of the fluorescence after the detection of a photon [1].


Then I'll present an experiment using a Hong-Ou-Mandel type setup, where the two-photon interference between two radiating ions situated in distinct traps was recorded [2].


At the end of my talk I'll introduce an experiment measuring the electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) from a single ion in free space [3].


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