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PhD course at Dark Cosmology Centre

PhD course from 14-18 November 2011
Place: NBI Registration Deadline: 15 October 2011.

There will be a PhD course in advanced statistical methods from 14-18 November 2011 co-organized by DARK. The course will provide the students with a wide overview of the most advanced statistical methods used for data analysis.

You can sign up for the course here >>
The registration deadline is 15 October. 

Teachers: Dr. Wouter Verkerke and Dr. Roberto Trotta.
Assistants: Dr. Steen Hansen, Dr. Stefania Xella.

Data from experiments in high energy physics and observations in astrophysics demand nowadays a highly sophisticated statistical treatment. By inviting experts from both areas, we provide the students with the widest overview of the most advanced statistical methods. The course will cover the fundamental concepts of modern statistical data analysis, including examples derived from the two areas of science mentioned. The course is well suited and relevant for PhD students from a wide range of fields in Science, beyond the ones mentioned. The course will consist of lectures and practical problem- solving sessions (both calculations and computer exercises) and will last 5 full days.