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Danish Physical Society / Astronomy meeting 2011

The annual Danish Physical Society / Astronomy meeting is scheduled for 21-22 June 2011 at Nyborg Strand.

Debra Fischer

This year's meeting will feature Debra Fischer as Astronomy plenum speaker and 3 Astronomy sessions - plus the parallel sessions on various topics in physics.

Support from IDA for participation of MSc students is available upon application to IDA (ida@astro.ku.dk) and participation of PhD students is supported by the Danish Astrophysics Research School (upon application to DARS secretary Anette Skovgaard, as@phys.au.dk).

Registration, programme etc. will be posted at the Danish Astrophysical Society web site, http://www.dfs.nbi.dk/, and at the IDA web site, http://www.astrofysik.dk/.

Kristian Pedersen, Manager
Instrument Center for Danish Astrophysics
http://www.astrofysik.dk/, ida@astro.ku.dk